Spiritual Resource Persons

Nebraska Wesleyan’s Spiritual Resource Persons help students work through religious and spiritual questions, issues and concerns. These persons are scholars and practitioners who value intellectual inquiry and the clash of different ideas and opinions while maintaining their faith and spirituality.

  • They provide a listening ear, and offer suggestions from their own individual perspectives.
  • They are available to serve as partners in students’ spiritual journeys.
  • They are prepared to make referrals to assist students in faith matters.
  • This program is coordinated through the University Ministries office, and more information is available by calling ext. 2222.

Spiritual Resource Persons

Nathaniel Cunningham: Catholic committed to the challenge of integrating everyday life, the life of the mind, and life in Jesus Christ. Available to discuss this challenge, and Catholic belief and practice. 465-2494

Rachel Droogsma: Progressive and inclusive Christian open to supporting students from non-dominant faiths on campus. Available to help students find diverse spiritual resources in the community. 465-2368

Melissa Erdmann: Christian with an interest in apologetics, available for listening and discussion, open to discussing all beliefs and faith backgrounds. 465-2208

Karla Jensen: Grew up Catholic, now exploring the Presbyterian denomination. Available to talk about dual-faith or dual-denominational relationships. 465-7553

Matt Kadavy: a traditional Roman Catholic, here to help and guide others through their transition into and through college life while keeping their faith. 465-2323

Rev. Mara Bailey, University Minister: 465-2398

Kim McLaughlin: a Roman Catholic with access to resources for all students seeking counsel and resources concerning the Catholic faith. 465-2377

Cathy Nelson: an Evangelical Christian who believes in a personal relationship with Christ, and 
understands the questions, doubts and struggles that one faces even while desiring to develop that relationship. 465-2399 (Sabbatical 2011-2012)

Rachel Pokora: a liberal, reform-minded, committed Catholic. 465-2391

Grady Turner: a fourth generation Methodist, who searched elsewhere until his late 20’s.

Bill Wehrbein: Presbyterian who believes that it is possible to live by both faith and reason. 465-7616

Ashley Wimes: an active member of the Nazarene church available to help students transition into college while maintaining their Christian values. 465-2545

Ira Zeff: a conservative Jew available to talk with students about their spiritual concerns. 465-2360