Strategic Air & Space Museum

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Strategic Air & Space Museum
28210 W Park Hwy
(402) 944-3100 x 253
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Laura Lessman

Format: Throughout the school year our education department brings in students from all over the state to experience field trips here at the Museum.  Last year we brought in over 15,000 students from across Nebraska. The field trip works in conjunction with the traveling exhibit that we have in the Museum at the time. The Museum strives for excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and seeks out exhibits and classroom activities that fall into those fields. The field trip students come for a 90-minute, 3 hour, or 5 hour time slot, which is broken down into sections. One section is spent exploring the actual exhibit, one section is spent in our planetarium or watching a demonstration, and one section is spent in our Education Classroom; this is where the practicum opportunity lies.

Additional Information: This practicum is not nearly as intense or involved as Student Teaching would be and should not be considered Student Teaching. This is more appropriate for lower level practicum hours that are necessary in an Education Program at a University or College. The practicum will not require any extra-curricular preparation, planning, or time input on part of the student fulfilling it. In the instance that there is an open field trip slot, a particular school cancels their field trip reservation, or a school does not show for their reservation then the practicum student may have the opportunity to assist in completing appropriate tasks within the office of the Education Department. Such tasks would touch on skills such as inter-office communications, teamwork, organization, attention to detail, and more.

Note: There will not be a field trip every day. If a minimum number of practicum hours must be promised ahead of time, we can most likely accommodate that request.

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Amelia Squires
(402) 944-3100 x 211
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