Internships are a great way for college students to build valuable work experience. In fact, some majors at NWU require them. Following are some resources that will help you locate an internship right for you and your career development. See also Service Learning and Job Resources for a list of regional employers who also offer internships.

Internship Directory

Internships are a great way for college students to build valuable work experience. Various majors at NWU require them. While the academic departments themselves can offer background and advice on landing internships, the Career & Counseling Center can offer additional guidance. Before applying for an internship, check out the resources listed in the right column of this web page.

We subscribe to 16 internship directories with Internships USA in areas ranging from international affairs to sports. Once you are on the site,

  1. Click on "Student Login"
  2. For ID enter NebWesleyan
  3. For PIN enter PrairieWolves

Following is a list of the 16 directories available from Internships USA:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Internships in International Affairs
  • Internships with America's Top Companies
  • For the Common Good-Internships with Social and Community Service Agencies
  • The Big Green Internship Book
  • The Congressional Internship Book
  • The History Internship Book
  • The Human Rights Internship Book
  • The Media Internship Book
  • The Museum Internship Book
  • The Resort Internship Book & Seasonal Employment Guide
  • The Sports Internship Book
  • Washington Internships in Law and Policy
  • Women's Rights Internship Book

Find Jobs and Internships with the JobZone

The JobZone is a job posting website that NWU shares with seven other Nebraska schools. The JobZone connects college students and alumni with internships, full-time employment opportunities, and part-time jobs in a variety of fields. To see the full list of jobs and internships, you must register.

Once your registration is approved by a JobZone administrator, you’ll have access to a database of hundreds of opportunities for jobs and internships.

Register for JobZone and begin your job hunt now.

Career Assistance Network

The Career & Counseling Center makes networking with professional alumni easy. The Career Assistance Network can connect you to receptive alumni who are already established in your field and eager to help fellow Prairie Wolves.