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All students are encouraged to participate in study abroad campus fairs and visit the Office of Global Engagement, preferably during their first or second year at Nebraska Wesleyan.

  • Students may study abroad during their sophomore, junior, or senior years, but the junior year is the most popular and generally the most advantageous time to study abroad.
  • Plans to study abroad must be developed in consultation with academic advisors and the Director of Global Engagement.
  • Preapproval of the academic program at the host institution is important.
  • Credits earned abroad do not transfer automatically.
  • For more information, contact the Office of Global Engagement.
  • Any NWU student at any level is eligible to go on faculty-led short-term-study trips.

Meet with Study Abroad Advisor First

The first step is to make an appointment with the study abroad advisor to gather information specific to your academic, geographic, and personal interests. At this meeting, you’ll learn about all the places you are able to study abroad, given your specific requirements and the deadlines for application. We will also discuss the scholarships and grants for which you are eligible to apply. (See Financial Aid and Scholarships below.)

  • To set up an appointment, contact the Office of Global Engagement.
  • Fill out and submit the Study Abroad Application (PDF) for winter/summer trips or non-exchange semester programs (ISEP students need not complete this form).

Application and Scholarship Deadlines

Deadlines for different programs, financial aid, and scholarships vary widely.

  • Most require you to apply the semester before study abroad; some require that you apply a year before departure.
  • Check with the Director of Global Engagement for your specific deadline.
  • Scholarships and grants may require that you apply before you’ve applied for the study abroad program.

Study Abroad Financial Aid and Scholarships

Education Abroad Grants and other forms of financial aid are available to eligible students who participate in Nebraska Wesleyan’s approved programs.

The general rule of thumb is, all your financial aid (NWU and federal) will travel with you if you choose an exchange program. If you choose a non-exchange program, your NWU aid (scholarships, grants) will not travel with you and some of your financial aid will not travel with you.

  • For information related to federal and institutional financial aid, see the Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid.
  • For application forms and instructions related to Education Abroad Grants, contact the Office of Global Engagement.

Students Pursuing Studies or Research Abroad

Students may apply for scholarships such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Rotary, and Boren Scholarships. For more information on these scholarships and their eligibility criteria, contact the Office of Global Engagement or the Coordinator for National and International Prestige Scholarships.

Attend Pre-departure Orientation

All NWU students are required to attend a pre–departure orientation, regardless of what program or trip they choose.

Global Studies 10: Preparing for Education Abroad is a one-credit class offered every semester. It allows an in–depth exploration of all issues of study abroad, from the "nuts and bolts" of passports, visas, and credit transfer to the cultural nuances of nonverbal communication and cultural stereotyping (theirs AND ours). Topics to be covered include:

  • Practical travel information
  • Scholarships
  • Cross–cultural value systems
  • Foreign academic systems
  • Cultural self–awareness

If you do not take Global Studies 10, you will be required to attend a separate pre-departure orientation session.


Sarah Barr
Director of Global Engagement

Ian Bargar
Study Abroad Advisor

Tom Ochsner
Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Smith-Curtis, Room 207

Gerise Herndon
Coordinator for National and International Prestige Scholarships
Old Main, Room 119

Cathy Nelson
Coordinator for National and International Prestige Scholarships
Old Main, Room 202