Transferring Credit

Relax. Studying abroad, even for a year, should not lengthen the time you spend at NWU to get your degree. And it won’t lower your GPA.

Credit for Majors, Minors and General Education

The credits you earn overseas on an NWU–approved study abroad program will transfer to your program here.

  • Transferred credits can be used to satisfy requirements in your major(s), minor(s), and the general education curriculum.
  • You must earn the equivalent of a C– or better (Nebraska Wesleyan does not transfer Ds).

Credit Transfer Pre-approval

Before you leave to study abroad, you are required to get your credits pre–approved for transfer. Work closely with your NWU academic advisor, the chair of the department in your major(s) and minor(s), the Registrar’s Office, and the Director of Global Engagement to ensure that your credits will transfer the way you expect.

  • Download the Credit Transfer Agreement Form (PDF) to get your credits pre-approved for transfer.
  • Turn your form in to the Director of Global Engagement at the Office of Global Engagement

No Impact on GPA

The best news is this: the grades you earn overseas are not included in your GPA. There are many reasons for this.

  • Other countries have vastly different grading systems. France grades from zero to 20, Sweden only uses very good, good, and fail.
  • And, let’s be honest, the U.S. has high grade inflation so grades in other countries are generally lower.

Grades on most short–term faculty–led trips do count into your GPA because you are earning NWU credits for these trips directly; so, there is no credit transfer.