Study Abroad Programs & Opportunities

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To prepare undergraduate students for effective participation in the global community, Nebraska Wesleyan is committed to:

  • encouraging students, faculty, and staff to live, study, work, and travel abroad,
  • integrating global and multicultural perspectives into the curriculum, and
  • providing a welcoming environment for international students, faculty, and visitors.

Nebraska Wesleyan offers education abroad programs varying in length, content, format, and cost. Some programs require an appropriate degree of fluency in the language of the host country while others use English as the language of instruction. The following opportunities abroad are offered to Nebraska Wesleyan students.

Semester/Year-Long Study Abroad

At Nebraska Wesleyan University there are only two types of semester/year study abroad programs: exchange programs and non-exchange programs. This distinction is important because of cost and financial aid considerations.

The financial aid general guideline

  • If you choose an exchange program,
    • you can apply for the NWU Education Abroad Grant.
    • all your financial aid (NWU and federal) will travel with you.
  • If you choose a non-exchange program, your NWU aid (scholarships, grants) will not travel with you, and some of your financial aid will not travel with you.

Payment when you go on an exchange program

  • You will pay to Nebraska Wesleyan your tuition and fees and you will deduct your normal financial aid.
  • In the case of ISEP and Tartu Exchange, you will also pay your room and board to NWU (a single room in Centennial Hall with the Gold Plan).
  • You will receive your tuition bill prior to each semester at the same time you normally do.
  • If you are set up to pay your costs on the FACTS program, you can still use this system to pay during your semester/year abroad.

Exchange Programs

  • Estonia (University of Tartu)
  • Irish American Scholar Program (Northern Ireland)
  • ISEP Exchange (worldwide): Nebraska Wesleyan students who participate in the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) receive equivalent benefits at one of Nebraska Wesleyan’s partner institutions in over 30 countries.
  • Japan (Kwansei Gakuin University—Campus Nishinomiya)
  • Mexico (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM)—Campus Querétaro)
  • MISEN (Methodist International Student Exchange Network) MISEN Handbook (PDF)

Non-exchange Programs

  • AIFS
  • CIEE
  • Globalinks
  • ISA
  • ISEP Direct

Student Teaching Abroad

Education majors may complete part or their entire student teaching requirement in Australia, Costa Rica, England, Germany, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Taiwan, or Wales.

Faculty-Led, Short-Term Programs

During the January winter term and summer sessions, NWU faculty lead groups of Nebraska Wesleyan students on academic trips abroad. In past years, these groups have traveled to Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, England, Greece, Honduras, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Spain.

  • These trips are two to six weeks in length and offer three to six credits.
  • Credit is offered through various departments including art history, biology, English, global studies, modern languages, religion, and political science.
  • Education Abroad Grants are available for students who earn credit for the faculty-led programs. Financial need plays a part in the award decisions. The grant applications can be downloaded from the "Grants" section on the Scholarships & Financial Aid page.

Current Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

See a list of the current faculty-led study abroad programs (PDF).