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Students who live off campus as commuter students can still find their place at Nebraska Wesleyan. There are a number of organizations and services that commuter students can use.

Connections to Campus Program

Exclusively for first-year commuter students, the Connections to Campus Program will affiliate each first-year commuter student with a specific residence hall floor. You will be issued a fob, providing access to that building and are encouraged to use the corresponding lounges and computer labs. You will also be invited to participate in floor activities. In effect, you will become an ex-officio resident of the floor. If a first year student would like to be affiliated with a particular floor, they may contact the Residential Education Office at 402.465.7579 or to make those arrangements.

Commuter Student FAQs

Where can I go when I am not in class?

There are a number of locations on campus that provide a comfortable oasis for commuter students.

  • First and foremost is the NWU Coffee House located in the lower level of the Story Student Center.
  • Two lounges with large screen TVs are in the immediate vicinity of the Coffee House.
  • Most academic buildings have lounges providing comfortable places for students to study or just hang out.
  • Weary Center, Story Student Center, Smith-Curtis and Great Hall lounges, other lounges in academic buildings.

Where can I study?

Cochrane-Woods Library, lounges, computer labs.

Where can I store my stuff?

Free lockers are available around the corner from the Mail Center in Smith-Curtis where you will pick up your campus mail.

Where can I get my mail?

The Mail Center is located in Smith-Curtis.

What if I have car trouble or need to park on campus?

Students park free at Nebraska Wesleyan. Physical Plant/Security staff will assist if there are vehicle problems (flat tire or need for a jump-start, for example). The Physical Plant Office (2321) is located in the heating plant in the center of campus. After 5 pm and on weekends contact security at 402.432.9238.

Where can I eat?

  • Stop in the Sodexo Office located in the Story Student Center dining hall to purchase munch money for discount meals. Check out the Dining Services online.
  • Vending machines are in the walkway between Olin Hall and Smith-Curtis and other buildings throughout campus.
  • The Coffee House is located in the lower level of the Story Student Center.

How can I meet other students on campus?

  • Check out the Involvement Fair during the first week of the fall semester or second week of spring semester.
  • Sign up for an intramural team. If you do not have a team then you can sign up as a “free agent.” Fill out the form at the intramural sports bulletin board across from the Weary Center front desk and place it in the team entry folder. The intramural staff will work to place you on a team.
  • Each Monday, read the all-campus email to find out what is going on at NWU.
  • Consider an on-campus job.

What other services are available?

  • Courtesy phones are available for student use at the entrance to all campus buildings.
  • Residence hall rooms may be rented on a per-night basis for occasional use (exam periods or inclement weather, for example). Contact Housing and Residence Life at 402.465.2161 for more information.


In general, there is no cost for parking at NWU. All students are permitted to park in any of the NWU lots marked with a green sign. NOTE: Absolutely do not park in the handicapped stalls without a permit or in the stalls marked, “Special Permit Required”.

Getting Involved

NWU boasts over 40 student organizations. Joining a campus organization or getting an on-campus job is a great way to get connected to other students. Contact the Financial Aid Office for information on-campus jobs.

All-Student E-mail Notices

An all-student e-mail goes out every Monday letting students know what is happening on campus that week. The week-end all-student e-mail will keep you informed about week-end happenings both on campus and in the community.

Computer Labs

There are numerous computer labs on campus for your convenience. Olin Hall has a 24-hour computer lab. To facilitate late night access when you are no longer participating in the Connections to Campus Program, pick up a fob in the Business Office. See the Computer Labs web page for a listing of times, locations, and equipment available.

Off-Campus Students Renting Apartments

Students living off-campus in rental units should be are aware of their rights and responsibilities as tenants. A booklet explaining those rights and responsibilities is available from the Residential Education Office located on the first floor of Centennial Hall. A written lease is a legally binding document, and it should be read carefully before signing. If you believe your rights as tenants have been violated, you should contact Nebraska Legal Services at 402.435.2161.

Internet Access for Students Residing Off Campus

Students living off campus may reach many NWU information resources (e.g., email, Blackboard, Web Advisor) through accounts with local Internet service providers. Contact Computer Services (ext. 2341) or Student Life (ext. 2223) for more information.

Residency Policy

As stipulated by the NWU Board of Governors, NWU has a three-year or six-semester residency policy. There are a limited number of reasons why a student might be granted an exemption, and certainly living with one’s parents is considered a valid reason! Although Nebraska Wesleyan strongly believes in the value of a residential, Liberal Arts experience, we also understand that each family must make the decision that is right for them, as long as it falls within our guidelines.

Residency Exemptions

If you have determined that commuting is the best alternative for you and your family, and you meet one or more of the appropriate guidelines, you may complete and submit a Housing Exemption Form (PDF). In addition, students who will be living at home with their parents/guardians, within 30 miles of the Nebraska Wesleyan Campus, must attach a signed and notarized Commuter Student Form (PDF). NOTE: NWU uses the definition of guardians as that included in Section 30-220917 of the Nebraska Probate Code.


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