International Film Festival: "Trophy Wife"

Sunday, February 19, 2012 - 7:00pm
Olin A&B lecture halls

Nebraska Wesleyan University's International Film Festival concludes with the French film "Trophy Wife."

It’s 1977 and women’s liberation is in the air but Suzanne is still the self-effacing, elegant housewife of wealthy industrialist Robert Pujol. Pujol oversees his umbrella factory with an iron fist and is equally tyrannical with his children and trophy housewife. When the workers go on strike and take Robert hostage, Suzanne steps in to manage the factory. Her new role also puts her back in touch with union leader Gerard Depardieu, a romantic fling from the past that still has sparks. Rated R.

Olin A & B lecture halls are located in the Olin Hall of Science, one block east of 50th & St. Paul. All films and free and open to the public.