What Nebraska Wesleyan Means to Me

For the second issue in a row, a member of the class of 1960 is taking home our essay contest prize. Ahead of Nebraska Wesleyan’s 125th anniversary, Bob Busteed articulates in 125 words why a liberal arts experience is as valuable today as it ever was.

What Nebraska Wesleyan Means to Me

by Bob Busteed (’60)

Nebraska Wesleyan is a marvelous educational institution offering boundless freedom and opportunities for eager, inquiring minds. Its meaning to me is precious and multifaceted.

My four years were priceless. They were a special era in my life highlighted by the intellectual stimulation of the liberal arts experience, lasting relationships with faculty and fellow students and the freedom to become involved in many activities that enabled wonderful growth and development of leadership skills and latent talent.

I grew to see the bigger world and its opportunities in a new perspective for the first time. From Greeno’s competitive inspiration, Hall’s English, the Greek experience, Dr. Roger’s leadership, Old Main nostalgia, Laursen’s chemistry, Richard Smith’s mentoring, attributes of Lincoln, and the bur oak… the value proposition is immense!