Ten Professors Earn Sabbaticals

Nebraska Wesleyan University’s sabbatical program enables faculty members to break from teaching for a semester or year to research, travel and update their courses. Ten professors earned sabbatical appointments this year.

Provost Judy Muyskens commented, “Nebraska Wesleyan is honored to provide a robust sabbatical leave program for its faculty. Faculty on sabbatical work to improve their teaching and to enhance departmental programs. Many faculty engage in scholarly research and creative endeavors to remain current in their fields. These activities impact the academic programs and enhance the reputation of Nebraska Wesleyan.”

Nebraska Wesleyan’s sabbatical program is supported through the university’s Archway Fund and gifts from Ameritas.

Associate Professor of Biology Jerry Bricker is volunteering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Water Sciences Laboratory and conducting INBRE endophyte research.

Associate Professor of Sociology Joan Gilbreth is researching immigration issues in Ireland.

Associate Professor of Art David Gracie is living in New York City where he is painting, designing a course on alternative artistic practices and developing his critical writing practice to supplement his teaching.

Professor of Music Jean Henderson is continuing work on the “Celtic Notebook,” stemming from ideas collected on a previous sabbatical.

Associate Professor of Business Administration Thom Jackman (’84) is completing work on a publication from his dissertation and exploring opportunities for future faculty-led trips to Minneapolis and Boston.

Associate Professor of English Larry McClain is researching queer theory, identity politics and Chicano literature.

Associate Professor of Spanish Catherine Nelson is developing courses in literary translation.

Professor of Chemistry Daniel Strydom is developing two new tracks for the Forensic Science Program, Forensic Laboratory Chemistry and Forensic DNA Analysis; he’s also developing classes combining advanced chemistry undergraduates with forensic science graduate students.

Professor of Political Science Jan Vermeer is attending at least four academic conferences in his field and revising his “Mass Media and Politics” course.

Associate Professor of History Meghan Winchell is teaching courses in women’s history and helping build gender studies initiatives at the University of Tartu in Estonia.