Mystery Photo

Mystery Photo Revealed

Stay for the credit

You reviewed the film and revealed our movie men.

Is the guy on the left Albert Riley?
—Shaun Farmer (’02)

I am thinking the gentleman on the left is my Zete fraternity brother Al Riley, circa 1966. Not sure who else is in the picture.
—Al Taft (’71)

That’s Delane Wycoff on the right. I’m not sure about the man on the left.
—Ken Sieg (’67)

The projector was run by Delane Wycoff. We were all reel men then, or at least we thought we were.
—Bob Mikkelsen (’67)

I believe they are Al Riley and Delane Wycoff.
—Dean Thomson

The two “reel men” in the photo are Albert (Al) Riley and Delane Wycoff, long lost friends from classes on either side of mine.
—Randel Anderson (’68)

The Mystery Photo is of Al Riley and Delane Wycoff. Delane was active in Student Senate and Beta Beta Beta. Al was active in football and wrestling. They were both excellent students and enjoyed watching foreign films, but I guess that goes without saying. Al was my classmate and a good friend to me.
—Gene Crump (’69)

Mystery Photo

Playing dirty, Winter 2011

Playing dirty

These student-athletes prove you can get pretty dirty running clean. Who are they? And where was this muddy cross country meet?