In Good Taste

Over its 123-year history, Nebraska Wesleyan University has graduated exactly:

  • zero culinary arts majors;
  • zero nutrition science majors; and
  • zero food service administration majors.

Yet our alumni include “foodies” of all types: chefs, restaurateurs, nutritionists and growers (not to mention many thousand eaters).

What’s most surprising about that seeming contradiction is the simple fact that it surprises no one. We’re accustomed to NWU alumni thriving outside their assumed elements. The fruits of liberal education and good taste are especially sweet. And we’ve come to expect smart, well-rounded alumni to create bright and unexpected things with their educations and their lives.

A head chef with imagination, a small business owner with a wholesome idea and a farming couple growing both food and fun show us what NWU alumni can do with their good taste.