Mystery Photo

The man behind the curtain

Alumni revealed the identity of Minneapolis marionette artist Kurt Hunter ('85). Watch Hunter in action at

The photo is Kurt Hunter. And, yes, I believe all of those wonderful marionettes have come to life and are happily living in Minneapolis, Minn., under the name of Hunter Marionettes.
Thanks for publishing that photo. It brings back lots of great memories.
-Tammi Preston (’84)

The person pulling the strings in the fall issue of Archways is Kurt Hunter. He was from the Wisner-Pilger area and graduated a year after I did. He and I were in some clubs together during our college years. I had forgotten he worked with marionettes until I saw that picture. He was an usher at my wedding, but I have since lost touch with him. Thanks for the memory.
-Joy (Hornickel) Schmidt (’84)

The puppeteer in your Mystery Photo—though he might prefer the term marionettist—is Kurt Hunter (‘85), from Wisner, Neb. When he wasn’t busy in Olin’s labs, he was working with his marionettes or in the theatre shop. His marionettes were onstage in “Carousel” and he even built a marionette dragon’s-head large enough to “eat” a person in one play—“The Thwarting of Baroness Boligrew,” in 1984, I think. Kurt was also active in the Religion and Life Fellowship, and has published a book on using puppetry in Christian education settings.
-Brian Maas (’86)

Mystery Photo

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