Student Pride

Rotary sends well-traveled senior to northern Europe

It was clear to some early on that senior Jessica Danson was going places. But few foresaw just how many places Danson would go. While at Nebraska Wesleyan, she’s studied in Mexico, Germany and Estonia (twice). Then there were her Global Service Learning trips to Nicaragua, Malawi and Guatemala as well as a conference in Canada.

Jessica DansonCount Harry Huge (’59) among those who recognized Danson’s early potential. Danson was named one of the inaugural Huge-NWU scholars in 2007. The scholarship established by Huge and his wife, Reba, has covered Danson’s tuition and fees at NWU. Huge has watched Danson’s undergraduate career with special interest, and, he said, “I have not been disappointed.”

Huge acknowledged Danson’s performance at Girls’ State and Girls’ Nation as early indicators of her leadership potential. He said that during her interview for the Huge-NWU Scholarship, “her leadership qualities and academic talent were easy to see.”

They were clear to the judges of the prestigious Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship, too. The world’s largest privately funded international scholarship will send the NWU religion major and Spanish minor to Denmark, Finland or Sweden for graduate study in global governance.

Some might see a disconnect in a religion major studying global governance. Danson isn’t among them. “Religion is more than ministering,” she said. “It’s about history; it’s about culture. Society needs people who can view the world holistically, not just economically or politically.”

Danson is the third NWU student in four years to win a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship.