Too Much Automobile

Illustrations by Matt Haney
Too Much AutomobileIn 1927, Nebraska Wesleyan professors compiled a list of two-dozen reasons for academic underperformance. David Mickey (’39) included it in the second volume of his university history, Of Sunflowers, Coyotes and Plainsmen.
It’s an interesting list, both for the concerns that are timeless, and for the ones that seem strange after more than 80 years. Take a look.
  • Too Much Automobile and Other Causes for Academic UnderperformanceLack of a daily program
  • Imperfect study habits
  • Insufficient vocabulary
  • Not ready to take the subject
  • Low ideals of scholarship
  • Inability to read, write and spell
  • Mental laziness
  • Insufficient sleep and exercise
  • Timidity and inferiority complex
  • Strong self-sufficiency
  • Lack of self-reliance
  • Imperfect health or eyesight
  • Excess of athletics or eating
  • Permitting others to interfere with study
  • Too much automobile
  • Madness for modern social life
  • Debauchery of emotional magazines
  • Smoking cigarettes and tobacco
  • Lack of interest
  • Uncertainty about vocation
  • Love-sickness
  • Intellectual dishonesty
  • Too much or too little money
  • Sex perversion or degeneracy