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In the dead of winter, it’s right to remember The Tomato. Not that industrial thing picked green in southern California and trucked across the desert to your grocery store.

The Nebraska Wesleyan community said goodbye to its former first lady, Barbara Yarwood Rogers, in November.

Illustrations by Matt Haney

In 1927, Nebraska Wesleyan professors compiled a list of two-dozen reasons for academic underperformance. David Mickey (’39) included it in the second volume of his university history, Of

Rev. Larry Moffet stands on the front steps of First United Methodist Church, on a portico he calls “the neighborhood’s front porch.”

Rwanda may be one of the last countries where Americans might expect to find good news.

by Chris Dunker (’08)

People say that a liberal arts education prepares you for anything. You could be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, a teacher. They never say “auto mechanic.” But they’ve never met George Witt (’70