Mystery Photo

Kiss and Tell, Mystery Photo Fall 09

Kiss and Tell

These three caught the eyes of Archways readers. They named names.

When I opened Archways on Saturday, I was surprised I could identify the mystery photo. It was my good friend Rob Laughlin, probably taken about 1979. I believe the girl on the left was Michele Mickle, but cannot quite place the girl on the right. I do remember seeing this picture in the day, and giving Rob a hard time about the rose horns, and about how his date for the dance wasn’t in the photo.
—Gary Manley (’80)

Oh, yes. This is Rob Laughlin, Michele Mickle (Ernst), and Sara Stevenson at the Phi Kappa Tau spring formal somewhere between 1977 and 1979. I know because I was there.
—Mike Herring (’81)

Mystery Photo

Mystery Photo Winter 10
That’s nutrition!

This mystery duo seems to have found the keys to happiness: cotton candy, snow cones and soda. Who are these guys? And if this is their diet, do they still have all their teeth?