I Was There

Rev. Seth L. Leypoldt (‘95) - Chadron

I am a bit behind in my reading of Archways, and just read the article about President Obama (“Forum for a Future President,” spring 2009). Wow!

I remember attending this session. I took “University Forum” as a class as long as I could and then just attended speakers that looked interesting. I don’t remember why I went (whether it was for personal interest or credit). I do remember that I didn’t like his speech. I was bothered by his idea that we should treat others in the community well because you never know when it may come back to help you.

This comment has always stayed with me, but I never remembered who said it. (No one had heard of Obama back then.) Today, I can tell you I agree with that idea. I am a United Methodist pastor and feel very strongly about community ministry.

Thank you for providing the recording. I can’t believe I was there.