From the President

President OhlesDear Alumni and Friends,

Our vision for Nebraska Wesleyan University builds on our long-standing strengths. We want to be known as a leading liberal arts university in the United States where:

  • students’ lives are transformed by an educational process that challenges them and supports them;
  • learning and living are woven together in a dynamic campus community;
  • the vital contributions of good people—faculty and staff—are acknowledged and rewarded; and
  • the resources are sufficient to fulfill all parts of this vision.

This issue of Archways magazine focuses on the second point in this vision for Nebraska Wesleyan, a dynamic environment for living and learning. It is also the second of three elements of our new strategic plan, The Archways Plan 2012.

I cannot tell you how many times the presidents of other colleges in Nebraska have told me how fortunate we are to be in Lincoln. That’s true. And we are fortunate to be in University Place, and to have such a lovely campus with buildings and grounds all so well maintained. It’s an awesome responsibility, shared by all of us, to ensure that many years from now those who come after us will be able to say that we took good care, that we kept the campus up-to-date.

So it is as well with our sense of community. Visitors come to campus and are immediately impressed with the spirit of cooperation, the sense of adventure, and the way that people here welcome them warmly. Our new students stay in unusually high numbers because from their first days in classes and in the residence halls they feel welcomed. They know that they are important as individuals. They know that their success here matters to the faculty and the staff.

This dynamic living and learning environment, which we commit ourselves to strengthen even more, is an important source of our pride and ownership in Nebraska Wesleyan University. Enjoy this issue of Archways focused on campus and community, and let me hear your thoughts about it.