Contributing Writer Chris DunkerChris Dunker (’08), “Liberal Arts Keeps Auto Shop Running Smoothly”

Chris is a first time writer for Archways—a project taken up alongside his regular reporting duties for the Beatrice Daily Sun where he covers education issues and county government. In his free time, he serves as a volunteer coach for cross country and track, plays X-Box, as well as keeps up with family and friends.


Contributing Illustrator Matt HaneyMatt Haney, Illustrator,
“Money Talks,”
“Too Much Automobile”

Born in Oklahoma and residing in the uncharted wilds of northeast Omaha, Matt pays his bills under the guise of something called a “graphic artist.” When he’s not toiling for money, he sometimes goes by “comic artist,” “illustrator” and “painter.” But mostly Matt just fritters away his spare time reading comics, watching Italian horror movies and seeing how many times he can flip a police car in “Grand Theft Auto IV.”


Contributing Writer Jana HolzmeierJana Holzmeier, (left, with Icy Simpson)
“Icy Voice Is God’s Glory”

Jana is an associate professor in the Department of Music where she’s taught since 1999. She teaches private voice, “Singers’ Diction,” “Vocal Literature,” “Vocal Pedagogy,” and “Voice Skills for the Actor.” Last summer, she taught for the NWU study abroad program in Florence, Italy, and presented a poster titled “Grit and Grazioso: The Songs of Vincent Persichetti” at the International Congress of Voice Teachers in Paris. Jana spent her sabbatical this fall studying acoustical analysis software for singers, and will implement that technology during the 2010 school year.


Contributing Writer Marilyn PetroMarilyn Petro,
“To Your Health”

Marilyn is an experimental psychologist who teaches courses such as “Research Methods,” “Perception” and “Sleep and Dreaming,” as well as the “Basic Learning Principles” class which includes the public demonstration, the Xtreme Rat Challenge. She believes that the best learning occurs when one is prepared with a solid background of information and is then given the opportunity to apply the learning in controlled situations. Marilyn enjoys involving students in research projects as a way of teaching creative problem solving.


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