Mystery Photo

Measuring Up

You helped us get our head around our last Mystery Photo.

Rod Coulter is an ’85 grad. He’s from Stromsburg High via York, Neb. (or vice-versa).

Funny, funny guy! Rod was a great storyteller!

I think he lives in Tulsa now.
Greg Maschman (’83)

The head being measured is that of my friend, Rod Coulter.
Curt Peterson (’84)

It’s Rod Coulter (’85). Not someone I knew well, but I recognized his face and tracked the photo down to the ’84-’85 yearbook.
Doug Dexter (’86)

The Mystery Photo most certainly is Rod Coulter. The hazy profile of the person taking measurements is strikingly similar to mine (although I cannot confirm that). His head circumference, if I recall, was about 24 inches—slightly larger than average to go along with his higher than average IQ—although there is no correlation between the two.
Dr. C. Rick Jarecke (’88)

Mystery Photo

Mystery Photo

Crack the code

Three mystery students display a mystery code. Who are they? Any idea what the numbers mean? Luggage combination, perhaps?