A Panacea It’s Not

Chuck Lang (’60) Uehling, Neb.

A survey released January 24, 2012, by the Social Science Research Council, an independent organization, found that students who had mastered the ability to think critically, reason analytically and write effectively by their senior year of college were far more likely to be better off financially than others. The Council mentioned these were the skills most associated with a liberal arts education.

Thanks, Wesleyan, for setting up “the ride.”

The results of my Nebraska Wesleyan experience are a bit mixed.

Think critically: Nebraska Wesleyan surely tried, yet I sometimes wonder if the feral cat that lives in our garage doesn’t have a better understanding of cause and effect than I do.

Reason analytically: After multiple physics and mathematics courses while at Nebraska Wesleyan, there should be no problem here, yet, sometimes, I have trouble figuring out the tip at a restaurant.

Write effectively: At graduation, if you had asked what I would be doing in my 50s and 60s, writing would not have made my list of top 100 activities. I was so wrong. Life takes interesting turns.

But, equally important to these skills are the values and lifelong friendships I formed that have led to a useful, community-oriented life.

Thanks, Nebraska Wesleyan, for setting up “the ride.”

Chuck Lang (’60)

Uehling, Neb.