Wave in the Right Direction

Carolyn (Myers) Gaswick (’64) Albion, Mich.

My husband and I always enjoy Archways, and in the spring 2012 issue, I was delighted to find Susan Horn’s review of I Am Because We Are, by Betty Press (’64). Betty and I were roommates for most of our Nebraska Wesleyan years, and NWU should be proud that she is a graduate of the institution. We and a number of long-time friends were in Lincoln last year for an exhibit of her photography, and for a fine reunion. I am pleased that the university is recognizing Betty’s work. It is a good article.

We also enjoyed the review of Samuel Stenger Renken’s (’01) book, Where to Start. The foreword stated that Sam is a native of the Nebraska Sandhills. But the Sandhills cover a lot of territory. My husband has driven across them at least twice a year, every year, since 1960. I began the trek in 1963. 

Where in all that area is the community Sam has called home?

We’d like to at least wave in the right direction as we drive Highway 2 or then Highway 20 on the way home.

Carolyn (Myers) Gaswick (’64)
Albion, Mich.


On your next drive through the Nebraska Sandhills, when you reach the town of Randolph on Nebraska Highway 20, wave to the south. Sam Renken grew up 42 miles in that direction near Madison, Neb.

But if you want to wave toward the place where Renken hangs his hat today, turn to the southeast and give a great big wave. It will find him 1,100 miles later in Atlanta, Ga.