From the President

Dear Alumni and Friends,

As we celebrate 125 years of Nebraska Wesleyan University, we do well to look back on where we’ve been over that span of time and consider the resources it has taken to sustain NWU.

About 90 years ago, Nebraska Wesleyan University needed a new library. But where to find the $60,000 that such an important addition to the campus was estimated to cost?

An anonymous friend of the school contributed $25,000. That gift allowed the project to move forward. When the actual cost rose to $75,000, the same friend gave another $10,000.

From its earliest years, Nebraska Wesleyan has been able to count on alumni and friends.

She also gave permission for her name to be revealed. To quote David Mickey’s (’39) history of NWU, “Rachel Ann Lucas of Wisner, Neb., from childhood a committed Christian and Methodist… was chief donor for the library, and the building bears her name.”

Today new university buildings cost much more. A new facility suitable for the excellence of laboratory sciences at Nebraska Wesleyan could easily cost $40 million or $50 million. Will someone step forward now with a gift comparable to Rachel Ann Lucas’s—let’s say $25 million?

We’ll be delighted if that happens, though we can’t count on it. For the progress that Nebraska Wesleyan must make, with facilities, programs, scholarships, and other vital needs, the campus community is counting on you—all of you.

From its earliest years, Nebraska Wesleyan has been able to count on alumni and friends. In 1901, as the school approached its 15th anniversary, it was deeply in debt. Its future was imperiled. The Board resolved then to put the young school on a more secure footing by a special appeal for $50,000. No one like Rachel Ann Lucas was around. Many gifts would be necessary.

In six months it was done! David Mickey’s grandfather, J. H. Mickey, contributed $6,000 (the equivalent of $150,000 today). Mrs. C. C. White put in $5,000. There were 11 gifts of $1,000. With many smaller contributions as well, $51,385.74 was raised (in today’s dollars $1.3 million).

It’s from alumni and friends—with everyone participating to the extent they’re able—that the excellence of this fine institution will be assured into the future. And not just over the next few years, but for another 90 years, 125 years, and beyond.

When you’re asked, please show your support by joining in this great tradition of giving. Thank you for doing your part and making your gift to Nebraska Wesleyan.

Yours truly,

Frederik Ohles,