Awards Allow Hotovy to Give and Take Language Lessons in Indonesia

There’s a joke about the ubiquitous squirrels on campus. When asked how many squirrels live here, it’s fun to answer, “There are only two. They’re just really fast.”

You could almost have said the same thing about Sarah Hotovy (’12). The biochemistry/molecular biology and political science major from York, Neb., was in so many places on campus, doing so many things, that you swore there was more than one of her.

She sang in the University Choir. She was an All-American golfer for the Prairie Wolves. She took study, internship and service trips abroad. She served on Student Affairs Senate and Nebraska Wesleyan’s Board of Governors. She competed for prestigious awards, and was even a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship.

And now Hotovy is the recipient of two top scholarships: the U.S. State Department’s Critical Language scholarship, and a Fulbright scholarship.

The Critical Language scholarship will fund Hotovy’s participation in an intensive summer language institute in Malang, Indonesia. While the Critical Language scholarship will help her study Bahasa Indonesia from Indonesians, Hotovy’s Fulbright scholarship will fund her efforts to teach English to Indonesians for a year before attending graduate school in international development or global public health.