Mystery Photo

Keep those hands where I can see ’em.

These two bandits have been on the lam since ’85. Our alumni posse helped round ’em up.

Oh my... Well that picture was taken at the Theta Chi House in 1985 or 1986. It was my freshman year so many years ago. Wes Fowler (’88) is the guy “ping-pong bandit” and I’m the gal “ping-pong bandit.” I wonder how good old Wes is doing. Thanks for those fun memories!
—Stephanie (Armold) Winter (’89)

They’re Stephanie Armold and Wes Fowler!
We think this was taken at a Theta Chi party, but can’t remember which one. We’ll have to go through old photos. Thanks for the memory.
—Jerry (’87) and Julie (’89) Breiner

I don’t know who the guy is in the Mystery Photo, but the girl looks like one of my sorority sisters, Stephanie Armold.
—Dolly Pribbeno Parker (’87)

Spartacus II

The person in the middle is “Midge” Lundeen but the other two people are a mystery to me. I am not there, but thanks, Midge for thinking of me.
—Myrtle “Myrt” Lindemood Bacon (’59)

The man on the right is Wayne Egger.
—Jerry Schmutte (’67)

Mystery Photo

Perm, Summer 2011 Mystery Photo

When is a perm truly permanent? When someone takes a picture.

Can you name the hairdresser and gentleman in this photo? Bonus points if you can tell us whom he’s calling.