Queen of My Own Snow Fort

Karen (Mathey) Skophammer (’77)
Nothing said “freedom” to me more than moving into Johnson Hall in the fall of 1973. I longed to be my own boss, the queen of my own castle… and that’s exactly what I got to be. There were a few restrictions, of course. The doors were locked at a certain hour and boys couldn’t be in our rooms after a certain time. It wasn’t until my junior or senior year that Plainsman became coed, and that was quite groundbreaking for a small college.

The best times were the simple times such as the card games in Burt Hall, Plainsman Hall and Johnson Hall… the harmless pranks everyone played on each other, and snowball fights.

The freedom I longed for was most satisfying in the quiet silence of a snowstorm right before Christmas break one year. Karen Standerwicke and I ventured out into the untouched snow bundled up like we were in the tundra. We trekked from Johnson Hall to Burt Hall around midnight and began making snowmen. As we laughed and played, we hurled snowballs at Mich Belluchi and Larry Weston’s window. It wasn’t long before the quiet night turned into a free-for-all in front of Burt Hall. I think every guy in the dorm came out and began building snowmen and playing in the snow.

I’ll remember that night as FREEDOM AT ITS BEST! Thank you Nebraska Wesleyan for showing me how to learn AND play.