Your Voice

And the Winner is . . .

by Alice (Conger) Knisely ('51)

Your Voice Winnter Alice Knisely

Moving into a sorority house inevitably changes you. But rarely does it change your name. That was the case for Alice Ann “Sandy” (Conger) Knisely.

For her efforts, the Plainswoman earns a Prairie Wolves throw blanket. We imagine she’s receptive to the mascot name change…


Other voices

Shirley (Rexroth) Briggs (’57)

While we spent our freshman year in Johnson Hall we often congregated in Connie Peters’ (Fried) room.

Karen (Mathey) Skophammer (’77)

Nothing said “freedom” to me more than moving into Johnson Hall in the fall of 1973. I longed to be my own boss, the queen of my own castle… and that’s exactly what I got to be.

Bill Brown (’55)

In the 1950s, fraternity and sorority members enjoyed two memorable traditions: hour dances and serenades. On Fridays and Saturdays every semester, each Greek group would entertain another one for an hour—usually following dinner—and dance to recordings of popular songs.

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