Out, damned plot! NWU performs Macbeth on day’s notice

Cast members didn't have a moment to lose during rehearsal

You can accomplish a lot in a day. You can fly across an ocean, cook an entire Thanksgiving feast or clean out the garage.

But can you cast, rehearse and perform a Shakespeare play in 24 hours?

That was the challenge before several NWU students, faculty and staff on February 28. They took part in “Shake in a Day,” a fundraising effort to support the Theatre Department’s trip to London to study Shakespeare in March.

The night before the performance, the department gave the “Wheel of Shakespeare” a hearty spin. And, just as the witches predicted, fate pointed to Macbeth.

You could argue that any Shakespeare performance thrown together in a single day was bound to be a tragedy. But reviews among the audience of over 100, each of whom paid $5 to support the Shakespeare study trip, were at least moderately warm.

“All things considered, not too shabby,” opined one.

“Whoever played Duncan better keep his day job,” said another.

President Fred Ohles promised he would.