What do they do with the losing Super Bowl team’s hats anyway?

Craig Kenworthy ‘84

What made you order the
1982 NIAC Cross Country Champions t-shirts
before the meet?

Did you believe we could not fail
as athletes,
or you could not fail as coach?
=0 A

A dead conference now,
that crowns no one,
merged into memory

for the seven of us,
we band of Methodist students
who got second
to the Lutherans.

We found the box
after you left Nebraska,
gold with black letters,
=0 A
school colors, a nice touch.

Years later, when I wore one,
Nick from Midland stopped me
and said:
“I thought we won that meet.”

The good news is that we won Districts the next year and went to the NAIA National Championship (no t-shirts, though).