Equation of a Prairie Wolf

Jed Droge (’07)

During my first conference championship, I learned the equation of a Prairie Wolf. My teammates displayed an enormous amount of support by lining the long jump runway, creating a tunnel of adrenaline, which pushed me to jump well over a foot farther than my previous personal best and victory in my first GPAC conference meet.

Later in that meet, I watched one of NWU’s all-time greats, Aaron Dye, sprint the “end” of his race only to discover that it was the bell lap and he had an entire lap yet to run. Prairie Wolf pride flared again as cheers provided Aaron his own wave of adrenaline and a first place finish.

A final memory from that meet at Dana would be joining in a tunnel myself to repay my teammates, chant for chant, as they ran the 4 x 400. It was close between NWU and the villainous Doane Tigers, until one of their sprinters tried to pass Bret Blake via an inside lane. Their runner ended up bouncing off one of the pillars inside of the track thanks to a “tap” from Bret (earning disqualification).

The equation? Encouragement + Determination + Pride = The Prairie Wolf.