Your Voice

And the Winner is . . .

Jed Droge (’07)

During my first conference championship, I learned the equation of a Prairie Wolf.


Other voices

Warren Washburn (’64)

I was fortunate, like so many other track runners, to be coached by a man by the name of Woody Greeno.

Craig Kenworthy ‘84

What made you order the
1982 NIAC Cross Country Champions t-shirts
before the meet?

Did you believe we could not fail
as athletes,
or you could not fail as coach?
=0 A

Dr. Brian Elliott (’79)

Summer runs, anticipation of fall races, sites to see and people yet to meet. Fear of coach and fear of failure, both pretty good motivators, for a back marker like me.

David S. Newlon (’66)

In 1967 I qualified to run at the NCAA National Championship Track Meet in Ogden, Utah. Coach Woody Greeno hadn’t planned on anyone going to Nationals.

Beth Haley (’02)

In 3:54, you can bust a move on the dance floor, put on your makeup, spend quality time with your dog, or you can—against all odds—qualify for Nationals at a Last Chance meet in Seward, Nebraska.

Personal best

What’s your best memory of NWU track and field or cross country? These don’t have to be glory stories. Not all of us could put the shot over 56th Street. Maybe it’s the moment you realized—your lungs on fire with miles to go—that college cross country just wasn’t your thing.

Warren Washburn won our first “Your Voice” essay contest with his essay, “A Man by the Name of Woody Greeno”. He took home an authentic NWU track and field jacket for his effort.