Student Pride

Student Fulbright Scholarship winner Andrea Duntz portraitLearning by accident

Andrea Duntz (’09) learns best by accident. She enrolled in her first philosophy course by mistake, thinking it was actually a theatre class. She liked it so much, philosophy became her major.

Her tendency toward educational accidents followed her abroad. On a study trip to Germany, she learned that pepperoni is the German word for jalapeno by ordering a pizza. In Venice, she was attacked by pigeons. And in Prague, she accidently set her hair on fire.

“I learned something on each occasion,” she said.

A Fulbright Scholarship will take Duntz back to Germany, where she will teach English and, with luck, learn a tremendous amount without hurting herself.

Duntz is one of just 20 Fulbright scholars selected to participate in the “Diversity Initiative” which supports Americans teaching in Germany.