Student Pride

Student truman scholar CJ Koozer portraitThe Truman show

Catherine “CJ” Koozer is the fifth NWU student—and the third in the past five years—to win the coveted Harry S. Truman Scholarship. One of the nation’s highest academic honors, the Truman recognizes “college juniors with exceptional leadership potential who are committed to careers in… public service.” It provides $30,000 toward graduate study.

Koozer, a biology major from Hastings, Neb., plans to study women’s and children’s health in pursuit of her Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health degrees. She hopes to practice medicine in Sub-Saharan Africa and eventually work on global health policy.

“Living far away from the issues I am concerned with has not limited my passion to be a part of them,” said Koozer. “I envision a world where health is global; a vaccine does not only go to wealthy countries, doctors are not tied to their nations, and all humans can live without fearing for their health.”