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Mystery Photo Spring 09

Can we have their autographs?
You told us the names of the alumni who rubbed elbows with JFK.


The young man in the suit with glasses must be Joe Scahill and the taller man behind him may be Duane Catlett.

—Rowen Zetterman (’66)


The well-dressed student in the middle with white shirt and tie is Joe Scahill, my pledge son. Behind and slightly to the left of Joe is Duane Catlett. I was a dorm counselor in Burt Hall and Duane was on “my” floor. I recall sitting on one of the top rows of the bleachers in Taylor Gym listening to Kennedy’s address. The gymnasium was full. Following his speech, the students around me announced they were going to get his autograph. I scoffed at the idea of getting “caught in that crowd,” and remained out of the foray­—and minus what would now be a treasured remembrance of college days.

—Ron Burmood (’62)


I believe the young man in the suit waiting for his autograph from JFK is Joe Scahill. Also, another young man in the background might be Richard Sells. I remember when JFK came to Wesleyan for this speech and it was a required function for the student body.   

—Judy Grothe Sundberg (’62)


I was able to identify four of my fraternity brothers in the picture. Dick Jussel is the tall fellow clearly seen in the middle top of the picture. To his right with glasses is Doug Marsh. To his left, the fellow whose chin is partially covered by Mr. Kennedy’s head is Ray Sporn. Just above the young woman in the foreground wearing glasses, the young man wearing glasses handing a paper to Mr. Kennedy is Hess Dyas.

—V. Franklin Colón (’59)


The fellow with glasses facing the camera is Joe Scahill. He was in the class of 1964 with me and is now a Methodist minister.

—Bev Beezley Watt (’64)


I can name exactly two people in the photo: John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the young man at the left of the photo, my father Merritt Broady. I am scanning and sending the picture to him at his request, and we have both gotten quite a kick out of it being published!

—Scott Broady (’00)


The Kennedy picture on the back of Archways is one I have enjoyed over the years. The young kid in black suit and tie with glasses is me, but I was only a senior in high school at Elgin, Neb., at the time. It was either the fall of ‘59 or spring of ‘60. I don’t remember why I was at Wesleyan that day, though I arrived there [as a student] in the fall of 1960. I think that may be Barb Hall Peck in the glasses facing Kennedy. Bob Haller is in the background right. I know other faces but no names without research and I am sure you will hear from them.

I used this picture in my recent retirement power point presentation, so much fun to see it in a Wesleyan publication.

—Joe Scahill (’64)


I recognize three plus Kennedy. I was there, too but not in the picture. The young man just left of JFK, with name badge, is Joe Scahill from my hometown of Elgin. He was visiting the campus at the time since he was still a senior at Elgin. He came to NWU as a freshman in September 1960 and graduated from there. The young man just above the left side of JFK’s head is Phil Ivaldy of Lincoln, a freshman. The taller man just behind and left of Joe Scahill is Duane Catlett of Shickley, also a freshman that year.

—Robert T. Busteed (’60)


I received the latest issue of Archways on my birthday, and was feeling pretty good about myself until I saw the 50-year-old Mystery Photo and realized that I was in it! How could time have passed that quickly? (I am the girl in center front, dark-rim glasses, talking to JFK.) My Alpha Gam big sister, Judi Refshauge, took me to this “press conference” event, which was separate from the speech. I carefully saved that autograph and a photo I had taken that day for many years, but, unfortunately, they were lost in a move several years ago. I shared this picture with my staff at work (few of whom were even born then), and they wavered between laughing hysterically at my hair and glasses, but yet being impressed with my proximity to the historical JFK.

Thank you for a great memory!

—Joan Likens Hammer (’63)
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