Thanks for the coverage

John Montag - University Librarian and Director of Cochrane-Woods Library

Thank you for the spring 2009 coverage of Barack Obama’s speech at Nebraska Wesleyan in 1994. Forum speakers are chosen to extend the curriculum at NWU, so it is no surprise that there was general agreement between his speech and the direction in which Nebraska Wesleyan has since grown.

I thank you also for highlighting the role played by Cochrane-Woods Library staff in supplying the recording of the presentation. The library took on the responsibility of maintaining university archives some 10 years ago. We are fortunate to have the expertise of librarian Barbara Cornelius who has master’s degrees in both library science and archival studies.

We are now embarked on a project to digitize all the tapes in our collection from forum and other speaker series. They reflect the richness of NWU’s intellectual pursuits and core values, especially the liberal arts, which the college summarizes as the “joy and freedom of intellectual inquiry and learning.”

Speakers have ranged across the intellectual and social spectra from geographer and evolutionary biologist Jared Diamond to United Methodist seminary professor Tex Sample to financier Warren Buffett. They have also covered the political spectrum from Ralph Nader to Barack Obama to Lynne Cheney. We are excited about preserving and sharing their contributions to student learning.

Readers wanting to delve into this trove can write to us at Cochrane-Woods Library, NWU, 5000 St. Paul Ave. Lincoln, NE 68504, or e-mail