Obama imbroglio

Richard V. Miller (’50) - Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.

I was both disappointed and chagrined to see pages 14-19 of Archways devoted to a visit by the Chosen One to NWU back in 1994. I consider this man to be both woefully unqualified to be in the White House, and so far by his actions, no friend of our beloved Republic. As a WWII veteran, it deeply disturbs me to see his antics at his manifold overseas junkets, meekly taking insults right and left from the so-and-sos running these countries, and his insulting behavior to those who died in defense of democracy, as he snubbed an invitation to visit the graves in Europe, occupied by those who died in both wars.

You have put this phony on a pedestal, in spite of his being a charlatan! What has NWU come to?