From the President

President Ohles in front of Old MainDear alumni and friends,

  • Success for every student
  • Excellence from every student
  • Engagement by every student

These three bold ambitions headline The Archways Plan 2012, which is Nebraska Wesleyan University’s newly revised strategic plan. Together they are statements that give us a new way of saying an old set of truths about this fine university. We put students first. We give them lots of attention. We expect much from them. And we expect much from ourselves for their benefit.

Students are drawn to Nebraska Wesleyan University because they are eager for the challenge and the encouragement, two famous qualities of this place that go together and make a Nebraska Wesleyan education especially effective. Alumni leave Nebraska Wesleyan ready for the lives and careers ahead of them because so much has been done for them and they have done so much for themselves (another outstanding duo) during their years as students on our campus. This issue of Archways is filled with examples of students and alumni showing the benefits of our focus on success, excellence, and engagement.

  • A host of physicians who prepared for their medical careers here
  • An actress whose theatre experiences and work ethic landed her on Broadway
  • A Truman scholar who serves as a policymaker for millions of U.S. veterans
  • A basketball standout now in the top ranks of collegiate officiating
  • Several current students winning more highly competitive, prestigious awards

Getting Nebraska Wesleyan to the next level of success for every student, excellence from every student, and engagement by every student, requires us to strengthen many of our existing programs and to create some new ones. Those stronger programs require more resources. You can expect to hear more from me about that matter of resources in the coming months.

—Fred Ohles, President