Match Maker, Match Maker

Heather Craig-Oldsen (’70)

Heather (second from left) and Pauline (third from left) successfully matched their parents for a Valentine’s Day wedding in 1968. John Clark Craig (1972) (second from right) and Paul Craig (1975) (right) were ushers. The couple disregarded the blue and white color scheme the daughters had selected in Pioneer Hall in favor of red and white for Valentine’s Day.

Pauline Matson (‘70) and I met each other’s parents during the rush of moving into Pioneer Hall. Pauline, whose father died when she was 12, called my father “Dad” after his first weekend visit to campus. Early first semester, Pauline invited me to come home with her. By the end of the weekend, I was calling Edith “Mom.”

Since Pauline and I both instantly loved each other’s parents we were sure that those two single parents would certainly love one another, given the chance.

The idea blossomed. Soon, we had several of the Pioneer Hall women helping us plan a wedding for our parents–who had not yet spent more than 10 minutes together. We selected the colors for the wedding. My younger sister would sing “The Lord’s Prayer” and the three of us would sing “Love Divine.” Pauline’s older brother would be best man and my brothers would usher.

The wedding was planned. Now, to plan their first date!

That first date was a disaster. Mom thought Dad was too loud and bold for a Methodist minister. Long story short, Dad pursued Mom, despite her misgivings. Within three months, Pauline and I were passing the Willard candle, announcing the engagement of our parents.