Mystery Photo

Playing dirty, Winter 2011

Enduring athletes

You went cross country to identify this alumni trio.

I love your Mystery Photos every edition. I’m excited I finally recognize one of them.

That’s my sister Jen (on the left) with Michelle and Stasia after what looks like a cool cross country race under the encouraging eyes of Coach Nancy Hansen. They were “take no prisoners” types of runners and made it all the way to nationals.
James Hyde (’96)

I had the pleasure of coaching Jen Hyde, Michelle Rossitto and Stasia Guenzal. The picture was taken at the 1992 NAIA national cross country meet at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in Kenosha, Wis.
Nancy Hansen

Mystery Photo

Growth of the mind

After four years of gorging on knowledge, you’d think a guy’s forehead might put on a centimeter or two. Whose head is this? And did he measure up?