Live out Your Mission

Thomas Gilmore, M.S.W. (’68) Prescott, Ariz.

I just read your fall 2011 Archways. Excellent, as always! The article on John White (“He Meant the World”) caused me to reflect on my time at Nebraska Wesleyan (1963-1968). I think the president then was Vance Rogers.

My time at Nebraska Wesleyan seemed to involve a more parochial period where Lincoln and Nebraska were the focus. But it also involved a transition to President White’s era.

I watched groups of Nebraska Wesleyan students go off in vans to the Freedom Marches in the U.S. South. Of course, Vietnam and the Soviet Union caused all of us to think globally. But now NWU is truly global!

In that light, would Archways want to do a global theme on basic global challenges facing NWU, our society and the broader human community? Such topics could include population issues, structural unemployment, division of resources, governance, military technology, security risks, climate change, etc. NWU staff in different departments could discuss, prioritize and show how NWU looks at such global issues in a coordinated manner.

Your masthead reads in part, “Archways is an examination—and, ideally, a conversation—of how Nebraska Wesleyan University and its people relate to the world around us. That examination is academically sound, socially conscious, and continually curious.” This would be one way to continue living out that mission through this magazine.

Thomas Gilmore, M.S.W. (’68)

Prescott, Ariz.