Six Beautiful Eyes

Your essays have unearthed some great memories about the Nebraska Wesleyan experience. Add your voice to the conversation and compete for each issue’s prize.

And the winner is... 
We received an incredible response to our call for your love stories. In the end, Niki (Stamp) Strotman (and her gorgeous twins) stood out. She wins our prize: a dozen delivered roses.

Six Beautiful Eyes
-Niki (Stamp) Strotman ('01)

It was the first month of my sophomore year, and my roommate and I decided to visit Zeta Psi for one of their little parties. I was walking down the hall on the second floor when I ran directly into him. He was tall, dark and incredibly handsome. The first words out of my mouth were, “You have beautiful blue eyes.” We spoke for a bit, but I was too mesmerized to remember what we talked about.

Later that night, my roommate and I talked in our lofts about this new dreamy guy. She knew his friends and relayed that he was sweet, funny, athletic and all-around great. All I could think was that I wanted to marry him so our kids would have those blue eyes, too.

Our paths continued to cross in the halls of Smith-Curtis, at the cafeteria, in the training room and every other place. I finally started remembering our conversations, and we eventually fell in love, got married and started our wonderful life together.

My roommate was correct that he’s a fantastic guy, but my wish came true, too. Eleven years later, we had twin boys with his same beautiful blue eyes.