Four Kinds of People

What do the following words have in common?
drop, cop, hold, all

The answer is: out.

Youth advocate Angelo Stabler (’09) said those four different “outs” describe most people we meet every day.

Dropouts, he said, quit altogether in the face of an obstacle.

Cop-outs make excuses for not trying.

Holdouts wait around for someone else to take care of things.

And all-outs give their best to reach their goals.

That’s the message Stabler shared with members of the Guidance to Success (GTS) Youth Club, which he directs. Archways readers will remember Stabler’s story (“Two Places at Once,” fall 2009) in forming the club to keep at-risk and minority children on track to graduate from high school ready for college.

That effort is going strong in 2011, thanks in large part to Stabler’s partnerships with First United Methodist Church and his alma mater. Jenna Rhodes, a senior from Exeter, Neb., and intern at First Church, described the ups and downs in bringing the kids, food and NWU tutors together in the church’s gymnasium for GTS Youth Club meetings. “One session, we’ll wish more kids would have shown up. The next, we’ll be short a couple tutors. And sometimes,” Rhodes said, “everything just comes together.”

Those are the weeks where she looks around at the students and tutors working hard together, and sees a gym full of the “all-outs” of this world.