Mystery Photo

I’m Spartacus

Two alumnae have stepped forward as the woman in the middle of this photo. They also disagree on the identity of the woman on the left. Can you resolve this?

I believe this photo is of Sarah Adams Boatman (’65) and Beverly Bussell Kokjer Van Amburg. I don’t know the identity of the young man in the photo.

Beverly Van Amburg (’64)

I do not know the young man in the Mystery Photo. However, the gal on the left is Myrtle Lindemood Bacon, and I am in the center.

Mary Ann “Midge” (Lundeen) Erickson

Mystery Photo

Masked Bandits, Spring 2011 Mystery Photo

Who were those masked students?

We’re venturing out west to nab the identities of two lowdown bandits. Be warned. They are armed with ping-pong paddles and they know how to use them.