Small World After All

Dee Marcellus Cole - Upland, California

This is a small world story that involved four people who attended Nebraska Wesleyan in the 1920s.

My mother, LaVeda Wright, and my father, Howard C. Marcellus, had been students until 1927 when they were married.

In the 1990s, my mother was a resident at a 68-bed health center in Claremont, Calif. One of her roommates was named Thelma. One day Thelma’s husband brought in a yearbook from Nebraska Wesleyan.

He recognized my mother’s unique first name and her last name of Marcellus! He had pictures of my parents who were at Nebraska Wesleyan the same time he and Thelma were attending college. It is too bad that both Thelma and my mother were unable to reminisce about their college experiences. However it is a great story.

Years later I discovered that my cousin’s wife, Velda Wright, had graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan with a degree in nursing!