All In: The Networks That Move the University

All In: The Networks That Move the UniversityHomecoming 2009. Abel Stadium. NWU vs. Midland Lutheran.

Down by a point with 36 seconds left, the Prairie Wolves turned to senior wide receiver Mike Millard (’09). Millard split wide left and ran the most significant pattern of his career as a collegiate athlete: a deep post.

Millard scored the game-winning touchdown.

But so did senior quarterback Matt Hagge of Plattsmouth, who threw Millard the 29-yard strike.

And so did an entire offensive line that shut down a Warrior blitz.

So did Coach Brian Keller, who called the play: Spread Right, 85-Box Laser.

So did Head Athletic Trainer Jason Ensrud and his team of students, who taped ankles and braced knees before kickoff.

So did Professor of Chemistry David Treichel, who advised Millard as he pursued a degree as a chemistry major and Spanish minor.

It takes intricate work to move the football forward. “There’s an art to offense—an art to 11 players functioning independently, yet working together, to execute a play,” Coach Keller said.

That sentiment resonated with President Fred Ohles. No one calls him coach, but Ohles is responsible for implementing an aggressive and creative game plan for Nebraska Wesleyan University. Not surprisingly, that plan requires more than a little teamwork to move the university forward.

“Nebraska Wesleyan University thrives only when many, many people answer the call to get involved,” Ohles said.

They must function independently, yet work together.