Field Notes: Social Teamworking

By Hannah Selendic, Web Content Manager
I got a sneak peek at this issue’s cover story before it went to print. Despite the fact that I’m not a big football fan (my heart belongs to professional wrestling, believe it or not), the story resonated with me. It shows how the university’s success hinges on a great deal of teamwork.

As the web content manager on team NWU, I oversee the university’s Web site and its presence on sites like Facebook. I see all electronic media as arenas for networking. And I firmly believe that networking and “teamworking” are connected. Name one winning team where the players don’t talk to each other.

Mice Connected to Each OtherOur redesigned Web site and Facebook fan page are changing how our audiences connect with us. Online media are no longer simple information repositories where people poke around in search of this or that fact. Instead of speaking at our users, social media allows us to have meaningful conversations with all university audiences. When our audiences see that dialogue—when they feel welcome joining the conversation—our community becomes larger and stronger.

While our users must still easily find the information they need—like the time of the baseball team’s next home game, or the deadline to apply for admission—they must also find something just as important. They must find a living, breathing community of alumni, students, staff and faculty engaging in honest, compelling conversations.

If you haven’t visited in a while, check out our new site. Play around with our virtual tour and see what events are coming to campus. Then check out our Facebook page and join our group of fans—1,700 and counting.

We want you on the team—and in the conversation.