The Winter That Was

Snowfall Measurement in Millions of Cubic FeetNo one is more grateful for the arrival of spring than Nebraska Wesleyan University’s maintenance staff. If you grew tired of shoveling your walk this winter, imagine that your front yard was campus, or your driveway was the parking lot east of Centennial Hall.

After storms, the maintenance crew would report to work as early as 3 a.m. And once they were done shoveling, plowing, sanding and salting the campus, they moved on to their daily duties without missing a beat.

Just how much snow did maintenance staff move? As of mid-February, the Lincoln area received 38 inches of snowfall—more than 10 inches above average. “We have about 800,000 square feet of hard surface on our 53-acre campus,” said Matt Kadavy, director of Nebraska Wesleyan’s physical plant.

For those keeping track at home, that equals 2.53 million cubic feet of the white stuff—a pile roughly the size of five Old Mains.

We thank the maintenance staff for their work and wish them a warm and wonderful spring.