Building an Arch Together: NWU Unveils Archway Fund

There’s a gap on Nebraska Wesleyan’s campus—a gap that most people don’t recognize or choose to talk about. It’s a span NWU must cross with every student on our campus: the gap between a student’s tuition and the actual cost of providing that student an excellent education.

Archway Fund LogoMany people assume tuition and fees cover all the university’s expenses. But that’s never been true at Nebraska Wesleyan.

To continue navigating that gap, the university must choose a path.

It can close the gap from one side by drastically increasing tuition.

It can close that gap from the other side by cutting costs and corners.

Or it can build an arch across it.

“We’re building an arch together to support our students and our university,” said Vice President for External Relations Patty Karthauser (’75). “We rely on the annual support of all of our alumni and friends to make a Nebraska Wesleyan education affordable for our students. We’re grateful every year for those who build this arch.”

Many people assume tuition and fees cover
all the university’s expenses. But that’s never been true at Nebraska Wesleyan.

The Archway Fund—Nebraska Wesleyan University’s newly named and reenergized annual giving program—supports student aid, faculty and staff training, technology, research, student services, building maintenance and a host of other ongoing efforts that sustain this university.

The Board of Governors approved the new Archway Fund in December. And it resolved for the university to double the fund in the next five years. As a leader in that effort, the board has already stepped forward to double its own giving. But it will take a great deal of work and the help of many people to double a fund that has been level for 20 years.

Serving as the Archway Fund’s new national chairs are Keith (‘69) and Judith (Trimble) (‘69) Maurer. “While we know that the university’s foundation is strong, much can be done to build upon that foundation,” said Keith.

The two are already working hard to rally people together around annual giving for NWU.

Judith described the necessity of unity through the Archway Fund. “Our gifts are like stones as we build this bridge for Nebraska Wesleyan. If we don’t work together, it’s as if we simply stand at the edge and drop in our stones,” she said. “But when we come together, our gifts share the load. They join like the stones in an arch and connect our students to the kind of education we all value.”

Consider supporting student learning by making a secure instant gift or pledge via our online form or visit the Archway Fund page.