Mystery Photo

Sugar Therapy, Mystery Photo Winter 2010

Sugar Therapy

Turns out these soda jerks are physicians! Proof that sometimes, junk food is just what the doctor ordered…

I know those guys! On the left is David Schram (’93) and on the right is Joel Johnson (’93), both Zetes. I roomed with Dave and pledged with Joel. Oddly enough, both are now physicians and their diet habits have not changed. This may be the only known picture of those two together while at Wesleyan with neither one holding an adult beverage!
Brian Dinkelman (’94)

As I was flipping through Archways, I saw the Mystery Photo and was surprised to see a picture of my cousin, David Schram. Yes, he still does have all his teeth and is actually a doctor now!
Krystal (Greckel) Luebbe (’07)